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Insurance Through long years of both non-life and life insurance activities

Drawing on know-how for risk management accumulated since our founding, Daitoh Trading Group's Daitoh Insurance Consulting Co.,Ltd. supports risk hedging for businesses, undertakings, assets, and employees including Maruha Nichiro Group. We started life insurance for cancers in 1975 and have been one of pioneers in Japan in its field,and gained and get credit for our foresight and proposal.

Liability Insurance

Planning presenting best possible insurance according to the customer’s risk

We present best possible risk hedge insurance according to customers’ needs from among our insurance agency in order to avoid various risks inherent in business activities, comparing costs and content of compensation.

  • Risks inherent in business activities
    • Damage responsibility for the third party
    • automobile accidents
    • indirect damage caused by layoff
  • Risks inherent in business assets
    • Accidents, fires, breakdowns, and earthquakes
  • Risks affecting employees
    • worker's compensation caused by accidents
    • illness and injuries in the workplace
  • Liability Insurance

Insurance policy in the changing times

Against increasing risks arising from the changes of the time, we present various insurance programs for stable management of the companies.

  • Trust credit insurance
  • Insurance for recovery of products’ cost
  • Insurance against individual information leak
Insurance policy in the changing times

Life insurance

As one of the first companies in Japan to market "Cancer Insurance", we deal with individual’s everyday risk management and present best insurance policies for each need to provide “safety.” For business customers we conduct merchandise proposals and meetings for insurance policy and provide information relating on Countermeasures Law for Cancer In our life insurance business we also have a sterling reputation for our visionary as exemplified by and

  • Cancer

    cancer insurance
    cancer insurance
  • illness, injuries

    medical care insurance
    medical care insurance
  • Others

    nursing care expenses insurance
    nursing care expenses insurance
  • Life insurance

    Activities for raising awareness of cancer measures

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