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About Daitoh Trading Group Compliance

Yoshiro Nakabe

We are grateful to announce that, in August 2023, Daitoh Trading celebrated its 76th anniversary. We believe that the tireless efforts of our officers and employees, the trust and faith of our partners, as well as our stakeholders had driven us to our prosperity to today.

Many scandals and ethical misconducts surround us which shows us that, without being able to meet the expectations of the stakeholders, trust and faith once lost, even the most glorious history or tradition and even the most highly reputed corporate culture or outstanding brand cannot keep the company alive. Compliance management is becoming a fundamental principle that is essential for the sustainable development of the company.

Today, with rapid globalization, social problems are becoming more diverse and are expected to become more and more serious. A solution to this problem is a “sustainable development of society,” and we believe that “social responsibility” is important for individuals and organizations to take on.

As our Group aims to actively contribute to a “sustainable society” and promote the establishment of a compliance system as the cornerstone of such a society, we are striving to ensure that our Group’s operations are appropriate by addressing changes in the social environment and dealing with legal violations and scandals within and outside of our Group.

Since 2011, we have been taking actions towards sustainable growth and expansion of corporate values throughout the entire Daitoh Trading Group by a mid-term management plan every three years.

In April 2013, we, as Daitoh Trading Group, hereby declared compliance as the focus of our management policy and establishing the “Daitoh Trading Group Compliance and Code of Conduct.

This Code represents the Group’s roadmap with which we, together with our group companies, share the values of compliance including our corporate ethics and our commitment to meet the expectations and demands of our stakeholders.
In addition to the Compliance Committee, we have established a Compliance Promotion Committee consisting mainly of managers, to provide continuous training and offer awareness campaigns for officers and employees in each business unit to instill greater awareness within each individual.

Daitoh Trading and its group companies will continue to work towards gaining further trust and faith of our stakeholders, and meeting their expectations through our business activities to become a group that is known to serve the society well.

April 1, 2024

Yasuo Akuzawa
Daitoh Trading Co.,Ltd.


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