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Energy Aiming for Timely Supply and Proper Price of Energy

Besides covering ports in Japan, we have a far-flung international network that extends to Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas and provide a stable supply of quality fuel. Based on the know-how retained through over half a century’s experience in the oil market, our Energy Business Department exports and imports oil products and provides fuels to gas stations, factories, and to ocean-going ships, through our own tanks.

We deliver fuel to vessels in ports around the world

Through the past years, starting with Taiyo Fishing Co. (now a member of Maruha Nichiro Group), we’ve provided fuel oil to major fishery companies. Our reliable network backed by our experience enables us to deliver marine fuel to ships throughout the world.

Daitoh Trading′s Nationwide Network of Petroleum Bases

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Sales of fuel oils

We have a network of oil bases stretching from Otaru in the North to Kagoshima in the South, and a sales network of Daitoh’s affiliated companies such as Hokutoh Oil (Hokkaido Area), and Hayashikane Oil (Kinki,Shikoku,Chugoku and Kyushu Areas). We provide timely supply of fuels and lubricant oils to factories with those networks.

Sales of fuel oils
Sales of fuel oils

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Gas Statin Business

Hayashikane Oil operates gas stations around Kyushu, Chugoku, and Kinki areas, and supports enjoyable car life.

  • Harbor Nagasaki Eco-Station

    Harbor Nagasaki SS
    (Hayashikane Oil)

  • Nakayama Central SS

    Chuzan Central SS
    (Hayashikane Oil)

  • Yamatocho SS

    Dr.Drive EAON MALL-mae SS
    (Hayashikane Oil)

  • Dr. Drive Motofunemachi SS

    Dr.Drive Motofunemachi SS
    (Hayashikane Oil)

  • Self Torius-mae SS

    Self Torius-mae SS
    (Hayashikane Oil)

  • Self Suminoe Park

    Self Suminoe Park SS
    (Hayashikane Oil)

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City Gas LPG Supplying

Dai-Ichi Gas provides city gas to 2,400 homes in the southern Nagasaki City and is selling LPG, in order to attain comfortable life and "Safety, and Reliance" for our customers.

  • Dai-Ichi Gas Co.′s Main Office

    Dai-Ichi Gas Co.’s Main Office

  • Dai-Ichi Gas′s LPG tanks

    Dai-Ichi Gas’s LPG tanks

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Gas Solvent Business

Hayashikane Energy sells high-pressure gas for industry use and gas for welding, as well as production and sales of related apparatus.

  • Nishi Nihon Oxygen Vo.′s Main Office

    Hayashikane Energy Co.,Ltd.’s Main Office

  • Nishi Nihon Oxygen′s LPG tanks

    Hayashikane Energy’s LPG tanks

For Inquiry Contact Us

  • Daitoh Trading Co.,Ltd.
    Energy Business Dept.Tel. 03-5919-6104
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